Using authentic stirrers to mix the paint.

Gently using rollers to knead the paints.

We fill each and every tube with our heart and soul.


We wish you enjoyment using the paints.

Labeling is done by hand for each item.

Factory drainage is gently filtrated.


Water condition is neutralized before draining.


A paint company that co-exists with the environment.



MATCH paints don't contain any noxious chemicals.
From paints to containers and packages, the products are made only with human and environment friendly materials so little kids can use them worry free.
We manufacture delicately hand crafted water paints with a passion for bright colors and smooth painting.



No noxious chemicals or chemical solvents, harmful heavy metals or surfactants such as organic phosphorus or phenol are used.
Products are more stable than synthetic detergents or adhesives and people with chemical sensitivity use our products.
There is no smell to the products.
Natural Arabian refined rubber from West Africa used in foods and medicine is used as bonding material so its safe and doesn’t rot easily and stays.
We used our own technology to ultra-fine particles of high concentrated pigments in order to realize unmatched painting sensation with clarity, brightness and smooth spread. Less muddiness and minimum saturation fall occurs upon color mixing.
Ultra small pigment particles are easily dissolved in water and very high in density that enables color extension for smooth drawing.


Tubes, caps, outer packaging contain the same type of resin. No dioxide emissions. Longer life than metal tubes.
Liquid waste from the factory is slowly filtrated and unwanted particles are removed, then the water is neutralized before thrown out.
Developed and manufactured with responsibility domestically.


Ever experienced uncontiously drawing a strange object on a piece of paper?
People have a natural urge to draw something.
A picture painted freely is a natural form of the heart.
Using your hands to form an image, and work to complete a thought into a single form are the common fundamentals to any type of work.

Nowadays we hear about sick-house syndrome and chemical reactions.
The harmful substances that create these symptoms have a tendency feared to stay in the body even without an immediate reaction.
50 years ago, we started manufacturing our own paints with consideration to the human body and the environment.

The safest and best high grade paints to nurture a healthy heart and body are the "MATCH paints".
We urge you to try them and see the difference.
We heartily await your order.